New Triple Transverse arranged bunk bed

New Triple Transverse arranged bunk bed

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Ever wondered how to fit three beds in a compact space?

We have been asked on a number of occasions if we could design a triple bunk bed, now our usual response it that " its not possible to design on that meets the Australian standards" Because according to the standard there is a maximum height for the top bed and a minimum gap between the beds so  it is impossible to fit three beds on top of each other while satisfying both criteria. However the minimum gap does not apply when the beds are completely above each other but only overlap one another by a certain amount.

So recently when we were asked buy a local Melbourne customer for a triple bunk bed that could fit three normal single size mattresses in a compact space we initially said no, but then we realised if we simply combine two of our popular and tried designs we could come up with a triple bunk bed. 

The result is an innovative sleep solution that has lots of storage space built in both underneath and around the beds! - See the product Here!

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