Product Option Information

Material Options:

For most of our products, we offer a range of three material colours to choose from; Nice White, Lemon Tree, and Chocolate Wood. Please select your preferred colour before clicking the buy now button. Please note: we use matching white plastic fittings with our nice white colour, and dark brown fittings with the Lemon tree and chocolate wood colours. Some of our products also have exposed screws which would be in a nickel plated finish.  

Our standard finish is smooth non-gloss melamine, If you prefer a gloss finish we can suggest a range of colours to choose from that are available in a gloss finish.

Upon selecting the colour the product price will automatically update to display if there is any additional cost for ordering the furniture in that colour. 

If you would like a different colour that you have in mind you can specify another colour by contacting us.  Computer monitors can change the look of the colour patterns displayed on screen, So you can either make a time to drop into our factory to see the sample, or call us, and we can post out a small sample free of charge.

Lemon Tree - A light beige wood colour 

Chocolate Wood - Dark grey timber colour with a small hint of brown.

Size Options:

Depending on the product type we offer our customers many custom size options. The customer just has to enter in the overall size they want in the options box and after a few seconds the price will be updated. 

Our size units are always Millimetres.  (mm)

If the customer enters in a value that is outside the range of sizes that we offer for a particular product, then a message will appear below the options box informing you of the correct size range available.

When we decide on the range of lengths to offer for a particular product we consider many design factors and as such we do not recommend custom sizes outside this range.

If you have special requirements please contact us to see what we can do for your situation.

Handle options:

Push to Open (PTO)

On Some of our furniture we offer A choice of Push to Open (PTO) doors which have no handles. Our PTO system works by using a regular hinge and a special PTO buffer device that works such that when you push the door the door pops open about 25mm allowing you to hold the door and open it fully. There is another PTO system that uses different hinges so that when you push on the door the door springs open fully by itself. This system is not our standard PTO system offered on our products pages. If you prefer this type of PTO system then please contact us with the product you are interested in and we can let you know if its compatible with the product and the extra cost

Bow handles 

Our standard Handle is the regular 110mm bow handle supplied in a satin chrome finish. however we can supply other handle styles and lengths on request so please contact us with your requirements and we can let you know the extra cost or we can suggest other handles that will suit your taste.

Push to open (PTO) Doors

Bow handle in Satin chrome finish

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