New Electronic codelock option kl1000  and kl1200 for locker banks

New Electronic codelock option kl1000 and kl1200 for locker banks

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New Electronic codelock option for staff office locker banks 

We are exited to announce we have added the option of electronic code locks to our range of staff and office lockers. These new locks add the ability to go key-less and give a increased ease of use for lockers in your workplace.

With our existing standard key locks, we already use a easy barrel exchange system where you can easily change key combinations by simply inserting a remove key and inserting in a new barrel. However moving to a electronic system takes locker management to a whole new level as you can easily change codes very quickly. 

The new kl1000 and kl1200 are easy to use and setup locks featuring master-codes and optional public versus private modes. Locks can easily be switched between the two modes. They are battery powered, with the batteries said to last many years.  The kl1200 is especially suitable for gyms and other public places as it features a very strong design with stainless steel buttons and a automatic unlock feature. this special feature enables  the lock to be set to automatically unlock after a set period of time to help with locker management and abuse / misuse.

    Special features of the KL1000 or kl1200 electronic codelocks:

    • Can be set as private mode with master & sub-master codes for setting normal regular user codes or public mode where user sets their code upon closing the door and then resets when opened. 
    • Industry standard electronic code lock
    • Runs on a pair of AAA batteries (supplied) - Batteries are said to last 15,000 openings.
    • Low battery warning, and battery override feature.
    • Extra features of the kl1200 lock option :    Auto unlock function after set time - More robust design - stainless steel buttons

To see our range of locker banks click here!

June 2020 update: We are now introducing our own line of economically priced electronic locks, they are full featured and high quality,  Please contact us for more information.

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