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  • Graduated Steps modification

Graduated Steps modification

Product Code:stepsmod-1
Manufacturing time:Approx 5 weeks
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  • $99.99

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Product Features

Ask a question about this product

Graduated bunk bed steps modification

This modification / option is designed to be ordered with our bunk beds that have the ladder on the end of the bed:

Examples of compatible products include:

  • Triple transverse bunk
  • Cubby house bunk
  • High loft bed
  • Triple bunk bed - double over single.
  • Low bunk with built in bookcase

The purpose of the modification is to provide graduated steps making climbing easier than the standard ladder. Additionally the modification adds an extra shelf under the bottom step.  In the case of the Triple transverse bunk bed and the low bunk bed with bookcase, the modification also has the added benefit of closing off under the bottom step.

Please note: this modification can only be ordered at  the time of purchase of the compatible product. If you would like to convert your existing bed that we have made previously please contact us.

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